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1:1 Wellness Consultations

With all of the information out there, you deserve a healthcare professional in your corner ready to assess your diet, lifestyle, current medications and goals to create a completely custom supplement plan — because there’s no one out there quite like you.

1:1 Wellness Consultations

What you get:
  • Speak with an expert pharmacist
  • Review intake form results and address general questions
  • Customized supplement recommendations

$30.00 value

1:1 Prenatal Consultation

What you get:
  • Comprehensive review of health history and goals
  • Customized supplement plan
  • Meal guide and recommendations
  • Sage Pharmacy Resource List

$115.00 value

Take the guesswork out of buying supplements

Poor sleep. Fatigue. Painful Bloating. It’s time to finally make a meaningful change with Sage Supplements.

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What Our Patients are Saying

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“When I was pregnant I didn’t even know I was missing nutrients until I was talking to my Sage Pharmacist. It was nice to have her look over the supplements I was taking to make sure they wouldn’t interact with my medications or pre-existing conditions and that they were safe for me and my baby.”


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Getting the proper nutrients is the foundation of good health. Fill out our complimentary 5-minute online assessment to receive a customized, pharmacist-backed supplement plan to elevate your health.