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Sage Supplements

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Your New
Zest Friend

Extra antioxidant protection, a reduction of upset stomachs and it boosts immunity! Meet Your New Zest Friend.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

This is the only multivitamin on the market with clinical literature – which means this is your grocery store vitamin x’s 10!


Fantastic Flora was developed by scientists to survive stomach acid and help our patients with their gut, skin and immune function.


Collagen protects connective tissue throughout your body, supports your joints and helps rejuvenate your hair, skin + nails.


Golden Glow is a blend of phytonutrients and a Complete Turmeric Matrix which help maintain normal inflammatory balance and deliver potent antioxidants that are easily absorbed by your body.

Just Keep

Just Keep Swimming is high quality fish oil sourced from the least-industrialized Chilean coastline.

Keep Calm,
Live On

Life shouldn’t have to be so stressful but when it gets that way, Keep Calm, Live On to combat high cortisol levels.


Composed of Vitamins D3 and K2, Sage’s Liquid Sun droplets work synergistically to promote better bone and heart health.


Max Relax provides three forms of highly absorbed magnesium that will help you find that deep sigh of relief.


Sage Seasonal’s supports sinus and respiratory health for your best sniffle-season.


Ready to catch some extra Zzz’s and finally wake-up feeling well rested again? Slumber Party can help.

in a Bottle

Are you part of the 41.6% of the U.S. adult population who are Vitamin D deficient? If so, our Sunshine in a Bottle is here to help!


A blend of Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, L-lysine and Pantothenic Acid you can’t get more “super” than this Super immunity blend. 


Want to support a vast assortment of cells in your body? Zinc Almighty has you covered! Zinc is an Essential Trace Mineral found in our bodies which supports your ability to defend against viruses and bacteria, promote healing and is even required for proper functioning of our sense of taste and smell.


Youth Complex works to maintain healthy cortisol levels that fight stress, promotes healthy aging and keeps your bones strong.

Terrific Tract

Sage is on a mission to make chronic UTI’s a thing of the past with Terrific Tract.

Chillax Combo

Stressed out? Tired but wired? Our Chillax combo is our go-to bundle to mellow out and build resilience to our stress!

Foundational Five Bundle

Athletes. Moms. CEOs. Teachers. Nurses. Cops. No matter who you are, you can benefit from our Foundational Five Bundle!

UTI Bundle

Frequent UTI’s can be painful, inconvenient, and embarrassing. That is why we developed our UTI bundle to help you fight off and maintain a healthy urinary tract!

Immunity Bundle

Our hand-selected products provide you with the nutrients and probiotics needed for a thriving gut environment!

Anti-Aging Bundle

Pharmacist-curated bundle to support your energy, skin, and overall health!

Immunity Plus Bundle

With this team you’ll have all the key players to protect your gut PLUS your other vital systems!

Paint Pack Bundle

Physical stressors from our daily lives can lead to aches and pains throughout our bodies, especially as we age.


What Our Patients are Saying

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“When I was pregnant I didn’t even know I was missing nutrients until I was talking to my Sage Pharmacist. It was nice to have her look over the supplements I was taking to make sure they wouldn’t interact with my medications or pre-existing conditions and that they were safe for me and my baby.”